Coworking FAQs

What if I’m not a woman?
Men are welcome to apply, but are not our focus. No mansplaining, manologuing or manspreading allowed.

What if I’m non-binary.
That’s cool.

What if I’m a woman, but am totally obnoxious?
Well, we’re glad that you are self aware, but our aim is to build a supportive community-if you are disturbing other members with your behavior, we will rescind your membership.

Where can I park?
Most of the parking on the main cross streets of Winnebago & Atwood is limited to two hours – but it is free! If you’re willing and able to walk a block (or two), free all day parking is available on side streets.

Can I bring my dog (or other pet) to Lacuna?
No. Unfortunately, our building doesn’t allow any type of animal in the building. (We know, we’re bummed too.)

Can I bring my child to Lacuna?
No. We love kids (and have a few of our own running around), but our mission is to create a quiet work space, and, well, kids are kind of noisy.

How do I get on the wifi?
It’s super easy, and the password is on our members only Slack Channel.